Wonder Woman 1984 Review

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This Post is about Wonder Woman 1984 Review. This is a Hollywood Movie & it is based on Action, Adventure & Fantasy. The stars  Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig in the lead roles.

Wonder Woman 1984 Review

Rating:- 8/10

Wonder Woman 1984 Movie Review

Wonder Woman 1984 Review

The duration of this film is 2 hours 31 minutes. This movie is available in dual audio (Hindi+ English). If you like watching superhero films or if you liked the first part of this film then you should watch this film. This film is going to be the best film of 2020 for the film Lovers. This film is directed by Patty Jenkins. He is also co-writer of this film. You will not like the film till the interval, but after the interval as the film progresses, the film becomes more interesting and you will like the ending of the film.

Wonder Woman 1984 Review

You will like four things in this film. First of all villains, there are two villains in this film. The two villains in the film have their own story and their own emotions and have a tragedy attached to them and also have a back story so you will feel for these villains as well. The film’s philosophy is quite different and not much action is shown in the film, there are only two action sequences in this film. The villains of this film play with the emotion and intelligence of the other character. This is the biggest power of them. In this film, Wonder Woman plays the Mind game with the Emotion of these villains. The philosophy of this film is to give up your desires. When we have a desire in our mind, it weakens us from inside, but when we are freed from inside, it gives us strength from inside. Gal Gadot has done a terrific performance in this film.

Wonder Woman 1984 Review

The first half of this film may disappoint you a bit because what you want to do in this film is not able to do it in the first half, so this film will make you feel a bit slow in the first half. There is not much focus on the character of Cheetah in this film, however while watching the trailer it seems that this character will only enhance the story of this film, but this is not the case at all. There are not many action sequences shown in this film, this may disappoint you a bit. The film has told its theory about the destruction of all the old civilizations of the world, which you will not like because we all know how much these civilizations value and how it has been destroyed.

In this film, you will get to see kissing scene, although this film does not have a sex scene and there is not much violence shown in this film. You can watch this movie comfortably by sitting with your family.

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