Vinod Khanna Biography

Vinod Khanna Biography

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This post is about the Vinod Khanna Biography. Vinod Khanna was a tremendous actor and at one time he was a bigger superstar than Amitabh Bachchan.

Vinod Khanna Biography

Vinod Khanna Biography In Details

Real NameVinod Khanna
Nick NameSexy Sanyasi
Father NameKishanchand Khanna
Mother NameKamla Khanna
Home townMumbai, Maharashtra
Date Of Birth6 oct. 1946
Height5 ft. 10 inch
Favourite FilmMughal-E-Azam (1960)
Educational QualificationsDegree In Commerce
Debut Film NameMan Ka Meet (1969)

Childhood Life OF Vinod Khanna

Vinod Khanna was born on 6 October 1946 in Peshawar, now in Pakistan. His father was a businessman and after his birth India became independent. After India became independent, he moved to Mumbai and started his studies at Queen Mary School. Shortly after coming to Mumbai, he moved to Delhi and started his studies at Delhi Public School. Vinod Khanna changed school a lot in childhood and now after Delhi he went to Nashik to study. Vinod Khanna was a shy person since childhood. Vinod Khanna’s teacher encouraged him, after which Vinod Khanna participated in a play on stage and after that his interest in acting increased.

Film Career

Vinod Khanna Biography

Vinod Khanna belonged to a businessman family and when he expressed his wish to his father, his father flatly refused. Vinod Khanna was taking a lot of interest in acting, seeing that Vinod Khanna’s mother reconciled between father and son. There was a reconciliation between Vinod Khanna and his father, but his father put a condition in which he said that if Vinod Khanna does something in acting in 2 years, he will be encouraged if he cannot do it then he will have to take over the family business. Vinod Khanna accepted this condition.

Sunil Dutt made a film for his younger brother named Mana Ka Meet in which Vinod Khanna got the role of Villain. Within 2 years, Vinod Khanna had proved himself in acting. Gulzar Sahab’s film Mere Apne gave Vinod Khanna a new identity after which he did not have to do his family business. Initially Vinod Khanna played a negative character but after the film Mere Apne he came out as a big actor. He then shook the title of Amitabh Bachchan’s No. 1 actor. It was believed that Vinod Khanna would become a very big star, during this time he worked with Amitabh Bachchan in many films including Hera Pheri and Mukaddar Ka Sikander. People still remember Amitabh Bachchan and Vinod Khanna’s film Parvarish and Amar Akbar Anthony.

Personal Life

Vinod Khanna was first married to Geetanjali in 1971. Vinod Khanna had 2 children with his first wife, elder son Rahul Khanna and younger son Akshay Khanna. Both of them put a lot of effort in acting and Akshaye Khanna made his own place. Vinod Khanna’s family was shattered as he became a monk, after which he divorced his first wife and Vinod Khanna married second in the year 1990.

 Career Trouble

Vinod Khanna Biography

Everything was going well and Vinod Khanna had become a superstar but suddenly everything changed and Vinod Khanna became a monk and Vinod Khanna became a part of Rajneesh Ashram and started following Osho’s path, Vinod Khanna as his mentor Rajneesh Went to America where Vinod Khanna used to work as a gardener, during this time Osho told Vinod Khanna that you should take over the Pune ashram in Mumbai but Vinod Khanna was finding this responsibility too big after suddenly taking sanyas It had a huge impact on Vinod Khanna’s film career as well as his family and people used to taunt Vinod Khanna’s children that your father has become a sanyasi and eloped with his mentor. As Vinod Khanna became a monk, his family was very much disturbed.

Career comeback

Vinod Khanna came back to the film industry after spending some time as a monk. Vinod Khanna came back to the film industry after spending some time in the life of a monk, by then it was too late and during this time Vinod Khanna’s marriage was broken. Even after coming back to the film industry, his status did not diminish and he started getting films after which Vinod Khanna proved that superstar is always superstar.

Political Career

Vinod Khanna made a new place in politics in addition to film and for the first time he reached Delhi after choosing Member of Parliament from Gurdaspur. Vinod Khanna always dominated the world of film industry, politics and glamor. Vinod Khanna always remained in the limelight due to his political carrier and film world.

Health Issue

The news came out in the middle that Vinod Khanna was not well and Vinod Khanna was admitted to Reliance Foundation Hospital on 2 April 2017. He underwent tremendous dehydration and Vinod Khanna was suffering from bladder cancer. During this time some pictures of Vinod Khanna went viral on social media in which he looked very weak. Vinod Khanna passed away at 11:20 am on 27 April 2017 and the shining star of Indian cinema left this world.

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