The Midnight Sky Review

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This Post is about The Midnight Sky Review. This is a tv Series & it is based on Drama, Fantasy & Sci-fi. The stars  George Clooney, Felicity Jones, David Oyelowo  in the lead roles. This series was released on Netflix.

The Midnight Sky Review

Rating:- 9/10

The Midnight Sky Movie Review

The duration of this film is 1 hours 58 minutes. The story is really beautiful & written well. This film is directed by George Clooney. There is a scientist who has a girlfriend in his childhood but later he separated from her. After this, the story of 30 years later is shown in this film. The scientist is doing research in artic. Let me tell you that this scientist is suffering from cancer and he is going to die soon. A lot of things are happening on the earth due to which people are dying, so people also inform this scientist and advise that you get out of artic but the scientist refuses. He believes he has to die today or tomorrow. The scientist wants to inform Astronaut who has gone to space that you do not return to Earth, but he fails. During this, he meets a girl and both of them try to contact another space shuttle to escape from there and they also succeed. When the scientist boarded the space shuttle, he found that he has also a child in that space shuttle and is given birth by his childhood girlfriend. This is a basic plot of this film. To know the story ahead of this, you must watch this film.

The Midnight Sky Review

You will like the concept of this film. The story of this film is taken from a book called Good Morning, Midnight: A Novel. Direction of this film is excellent and screenplay of this film is very good. You can watch this film sitting with your family.

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