The Expanse Season 5 Review

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This Post is about The Expanse Season 5 Review. This is a tv Series & it is based on Drama, Mystery & Sci-fi. The stars  Steven Strait, Dominique Tipper, Wes Chatham in the lead roles. This series was released on Amazon Prime Video.

The Expanse Season 5 Review


The Expanse Season 5 Tv Series Review

This series is an American science fiction TV series. This series has a lot of potential. If you have not seen any season of this series then I am going to tell you some part of it. It has been shown in this series that humans have migrated from the Earth and started living on another planet. There is going to be a huge war between Earth and Mars. This is shown in this series.

This series is available in English language with subtitles. All the characters in this series are very good. You will get to see many characters but character development has not been done well. So far 5 seasons of this series have been released, but no such character has been revealed that you feel that I can connect with that particular character. The production quality of this series is quite good whether it is camera work, costume, sound design, effects all are amazing. This is a really nice concept. You are going to enjoy it a lot. The cast of this series is quite big and everyone has acted well. Its every episode is very exciting. After watching this series you will definitely want to watch it again. This series is a very good series and you will enjoy it a lot.

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