Shammi Kapoor Biography

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Shammi Kapoor’s childhood was spent in Peshawar. His father’s name was Prithviraj Kapoor, who was a great artist. Prithviraj Kapoor had 6 children in total.  Only 4 out of 6 children survived. Later shammi Kapoor’s family migrated from Peshawar to Punjab. At this time Prithviraj Kapoor was working for a new theater and when the characters needed children, Shammi Kapoor was called. When Shammi Kapoor worked as a child artist at night and the next day he was seen sleeping in school, After which the school authority called Prithviraj Kapoor but instead of Prithviraj Kapoor, Raj Kapoor went to Shammi Kapoor’s school, after which the teacher started doing evil to the actor, then Raj Kapoor told the school authority that the school does not respect the theater Shammi Kapoor will not study there.

He did his matriculation from New Era School. He did not want to become an actor in the early stages, he wanted to become an aeronautical engineer. Then gradually he realized that he was made for acting and then he started working in Prithvi theater .

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Real Name Shamsher Raj Kapoor
Nick Name Elvis Presley of India
Father Name Prithviraj Kapoor
Mother Name Ramsarni Devi Kapoor
Home town Kolkata (India)
Date Of Birth 21 October 1931
Birth Place Mumbai (Maharashtra)
Date Of Death 14 August 2011
Place Of death Mumbai
Age At the time of Death 80 years
Death Cause Chronic kidney disease
Religion Hinduism
Zodiac sign Libra
Hair Colour  Black
Height 5’ 11”
Profession Actor and Director

Shammi Kapoor‘s Film Career

Shammi Kapoor Biography

Heroine was very good in Shammi Kapoor’s early films like:- Rail ka Dabba, Naqab due to which he did not face any problem in acting. There was a time when Shammi Kapoor changed his style, removed his mustache, changed his hair style and wore some modern clothes and worked in the film Tumsa Nahin Dekha. The film Tumsa Nahin Dekha proved to be a tremendous hit. He has worked with many new Bollywood actresses, be it Sharmila Tagore or Asha Parrikar.

He broke his leg bones while shooting. In the film Raajkumar, when Shammi Kapoor was shooting for the song and he was sitting on the elephant at the time of shooting and when elephant swung  neck , his legs broke repeatedly due to broken bones, He had to stay away from shooting and due to this his weight was also increasing and then a time came when he moved away from films and started serving his parents.

After the demise of parents, Shammi Kapoor directed some films like:- Bundalbaaz, Manoranjan. After this, he continued working in films as a character artist.

Shammi Kapoor’s Personal Life

Shammi Kapoor Biography

The story of Shammi Kapoor’s wedding is quite fun. Meanwhile, Geeta Bali came into Shammi Kapoor’s life and Shammi Kapoor fell in love with her. Shammi Kapoor kept asking to marry Geeta Bali again and again but Geeta Bali always refused and then one night the moment came when Shammi Kapoor asked to marry Geeta, then Geeta said that yes I will marry but right now otherwise marriage will not take place. After this Shammi Kapoor waited for 4:00 in the morning and got married in the temple. Both of them got married in the year 1955. They had two children from this marriage, daughter Kanchan and son Aditya. In 1965, Shammi Kapoor’s wife Geeta Bali left the world due to small pox. In 1969, Shammi Kapoor married his second marriage to Neela Devi Gohil.


He was awarded several times for his tremendous performance.

  • Best Actor For Brahmchari
  • Best Supporting actor For Vidhaata
  • 1968 : Filmfare for Best Actor (Brahmachari)
  • 1982 : Filmfare for Best Supporting Actor (Vidhata)
  • 1995 : Filmfare Lifetime Achievement
  • 1998 : Kalakar for contribution in Indian Cinema
  • 1999 : Zee Cine for Lifetime Achievement
  • 2001 : Star Screen Lifetime Achievement
  • 2001 : Anandalok Lifetime Achievement
  • 2002 : IIFA for invaluable contribution to the Indian cinema
  • 2005 : Lifetime Achievement
  • 2008 : Lifetime Achievement

Death cause

He had chronic kidney disease, due to which he had to undergo dialysis frequently. Shammi Kapoor passed away on 14 August 2011.

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