Kishore Kumar Biography

Kishore Kumar Biography

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Kishore Kumar was born on 4 August 1929. He was born in a Bengali family and the place was named Khandwa. His childhood name was Abhas Kumar Ganguly. His father’s name was Kunjalal Ganguly and he was a lawyer.  His mother’s name was Gouri Devi, who belonged to a renowned family. Kishore Kumar was the youngest of four siblings. His elder brother was Ashok Kumar followed by Sati Devi and Anoop Kumar.

When Kishore Kumar was younger, his elder brother Ashok Kumar had become an actor. Kishore Kumar had a sore throat as a child & he had a rough voice. but  One day his finger got cut and the finger started bleeding and in that time pain killers were not of good quality Whenever he was in pain, he used to cry a lot and thus crying aloud clear his voice. He wanted to become a singer. He was inspired by KL Saigal from childhood.

Kishore Kumar Biography

Kishore Kumar Biography In Details

Real Name Abhas Kumar Ganguly
Nick Name Kishore Da
Father Name Kunjalal Ganguly
Mother Name Gouri Devi
Home town Khandwa
Date Of Birth 4 August 1929
Date Of Death 13 October 1987
Place Of Death Mumbai
Cause Of Death Heart Attack
Weight Hinduism
Hair 75 kg
Height 5 ft.8 inch
Profession Actor, Composer, Director, Producer, Screen writer & Playback singer
Debut Shikari (1946) – As an actor

Kishore Kumar’s Film Career

Kishore Kumar Biography

Ashok Kumar wanted his younger brother to become an actor in films, Hence the name was changed to Kishore Kumar from Abhas. He got a chance to sing in the film Ziddi and the song’s name was “marne ki Duyaei Kyun Maangu”. Kishore Kumar did not want to act but under the pressure of his elder brother Ashok Kumar, he kept acting. There was a time when legendary singer Mohammad Rafi sang for Kishore Kumar’s film. He worked in the  films of legendary directors like Bimal Roy and Hrishikesh Mukherjee. Kishore Kumar has worked in many films like Naukri, Musafir, Naya Andaz ,Bhagam Bhag. His songs were also used in these films and he used to act as well. Kishore Kumar’s film Half Ticket in which he sang a song (aake sidhi lagi) and in this song he played both male and female singers.

Great Music composer SD Burman played a key role in kishore kumar’s career. He got the combination of SD burman and Dev anand And the film guide’s song gaata rahe mera dil left a deep impact on people.  After this song, he quit acting and became a singer. A film of Rajesh Khanna was released called Aaradhana and in this film he sang a song, due to which Rajesh Khanna benefited a lot and he became a superstar. After this film, He used to sing all the songs for superstar like:- Rishi kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan. He also directed films like:- Door Wadiyon mein kahin , Chalti ka Naam Zindagi, Door Ka Rahi, Sabash Daddy. Kishore Kumar’s duets with Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle were loved by every body.

Kishore Kumar’s Personal Life

He was married at a very young age. He was married to Ruma Guhathakurta. From this marriage they had a son named Amit Kumar. This marriage did not last long. the marriage lasted only 8-9 years.

He was married to actress Madhubala. Madhubala had an affair with Dilip Kumar in those days, but Madhubala was heartbroken and Kishore Kumar had taken Divorce in those days and married to Madhubala. Madhubala had a heart disease and this was told to Kishore Kumar before marriage but even then Kishore Kumar married Madhubala and said that after marriage, I will take her abroad for her treatment. Gradually the time passed and Madhubala passed away .

After Madhubala’s death, loneliness prevailed in Kishore Kumar’s life, then Yogita Bali came into Kishore Kumar’s life. Their marriage lasted only 2 years and then the marriage broke up. He then proposed to marry actress Leena Chandravarkar. Kishore kumar had a son from his fourth marriage named sumit kumar.


He had heart disease and this disease was getting serious. Kishore Kumar’s songs were becoming tremendous hits and his son Amit Kumar became a tremendous playback singer. Ashok Kumar’s birthday was on October 13 and on this day Kishore Kumar Organized a big party and during this time Kishore Kumar suffered a heart attack . This birthday party was organized by Kishore Kumar for his elder brother. The legendary singer died on 13 October 1987.

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