Gulshan Kumar Biography | Wiki, Wife Name, Son, Age, Family, Birthday & More

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Gulshan Kumar was born on 5 May 1956 in New Delhi, later became an industrialist and became a filmmaker, his family was a Punjabi family, his father’s name was Chandrabhan Dua and his childhood name was Gulshan Dua . His father used to have a juice shop in Delhi’s Darya Ganj Bazaar and Gulshan Kumar also used to sit at that juice shop and see how the business was run. He was a devotee of Lord Shankar and Parvati Ji since childhood.

Gulshan Kumar Biography

Gulshan Kumar’s Music career

23 year old Gulshan started a cassette shop. Slowly Gulshan Kumar started making profits in the business, And then he opened a music production company in Noida, Delhi and started making his own music and in the 1970s he started selling good quality cassettes at cheap rates and gradually his cassettes became famous all over the world and Gulshan Kumar gave his The business of audio cassettes was renamed as Super Cassette Industries and they continued their work and later established huge empires in the Hindi cinema world.

He turned to Bollywood cinema and moved from Delhi to Mumbai, along with music, he also made a mark in devotional music and at the same time he himself was seen in his spiritual videos singing bhajans. He also made films based on Hindi mythology and also produced TV serials. He produced his first film in 1989 and the film’s name was Lal Dupatta Malmal Ka . This film beat all the films on the silver screen.

In 1990, he made a film which was a musical super duper hit and the name of the film was Aashiqui in which Rahul Roy and Anoop Agarwal were seen, the music of this film touched the highs and the film became such a hit that people even today Likes to watch and Gulshan Kumar’s subsequent films did not achieve that much success but his music was successful in these films and in 1991 he made a film with Aamir Khan and Pooja Bhatt titled Dil Hai Ke Mata Nahin The film did not do anything amazing but the music of the film proved to be a hit and after that Gulshan Kumar established himself in the film world . Gulshan Kumar discovered new talents and introduced them to the music world, including Sonu Nigam, Kumar Sanu, Anuradha Paudwal. He also presented his younger brother Kishan Kumar on screen. The name of the film was Aaja Meri Jaan, Kasam Teri Kasam, but both of these films proved to be mediocre films but remained a music hit and Gulshan Kumar’s next film Bewafa Sanam was produced and directed by Gulshan Kumar himself and The music of this film became popular all over the world and this film gave a new identity to Sonu Nigam.

His company Super Cassette Industries Limited became the highest music company in India and he changed the name of this company to T series and today T series is the largest producer of music videos in India. The main business of T series is to make movies, remix songs, old songs, devotional music new-age albums and all kinds of music are made by t-series. t-series occupies 60% of the Indian market. Music is exported by T Series in 24 countries across 6 continents and has more than 2500 dealers and that’s why T Series is the largest music distribution network in the country.

Death Cause

He refused to accept the forced demand of the underworld and was killed in the morning of 1997 when he walked out of the Jateshwar Mahadev temple in Andheri West, Mumbai, as usual to worship at Shivji’s temple and at the same time he was murdered and it is said that the killers shot him three bullets, but somehow Gulshan Kumar ran away a bit and during this time the killers shot a total of 15 bullets to Gulshan Kumar and after that he died there.

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