Divya Bharti Biography

Divya Bharti Biography

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Divya Bharti was born on 25 February 1974 and was born in Juhu ( Mumbai). Her father’s name was Om Prakash Bharti and her mother’s name was Meeta Bharti and she had a younger brother named Kunal and She had a half-sister named Poonam, Divya Bharti was bubbly since childhood and her look looked exactly like a doll. She was not good in studies. She knew 3 languages ​​Marathi ,Hindi and English. She was educated at Manik Ji High School in juhu and she was a big fan of Bollywood actor Jitendra.

Divya Bharti Biography In Details

Real Name Divya Om Prakash Bharti
Father Name Om Prakash Bharti
Mother Name Meeta Bharti
Home town Bombay (now Mumbai)
Birth Place  Mumbai (India)
Date Of Birth 25 February 1974
Date Of Death 5 April 1993
Place Of Death Versova (Mumbai)
Age At The Time Of Death 19 years
Religion Hinduism, Islam (after Marriage)
School Maneckji Cooper High School
Educational Qualification 9th Standard
Hair Black
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Weight 60 Kg
Marital Status Married
Husband Name Sajid Nadiadwala
Profession Actress
Debut Film Name Vishwatma  (bollywood)


Divya Bharti’s Film Career

In 1989, Telugu film producer D Rama Naidu was filming his son Venkatesh, the film’s name was Bobbili Raja and in this film, he chose Divya Bharti as the heroine and Divya Bharti was first Appeared on the silver screen at the age of 16 and she played the role of Rani in this Telugu film. The film gave a distinct identity to Divya Bharti and the film proved to be a super hit during which the film had sold over 3 crore tickets. In early 1991, Divya Bharti did two consecutive films and both films proved to be superhit. After these two films, Divya Bharti’s name has started appearing in the list of top actress of Telugu film industry. In 1992, Divya Bharti did 10 films and the first film she worked with Nanda Muni Bal Krishna was an action drama film and the film was titled Dharma Kshetra.

In 1992, Divya Bharti’s first Hindi film was released and the name of the film was Vishwatma and all the songs of this film were super hit in which one song’s name ‘Saat Samundar Paar Main Tere peeche peeche aa gayi’ and this song is heard even today. In 1992, the film proved to be a superhit and the Hindi film audience accepted Divya Bharti as an actress and in the same year, Divya Bharti’s next film Shola Aur Shabnam was released, the film was produced by David Dhawan and in this film Divya Bharti’s Govinda was seen together And this film became very popular and is still counted in one of Govinda’s superhit films. For this film, Divya Bharti was selected for the Filmfare Best Actress but that year Madhuri Dixit was given this award. Her next film in 1992 was Lawrence D’Souza’s romantic, drama Dil ka Kya Kasoor , which proved to be a flop but the songs were super hit.

In 1992, Divya Bharti’s film Deewana was released. After this film she broke bollywood heroines stereotypes image. Shah Rukh Khan and Rishi Kapoor appeared alongside Divya Bharti in this film. This film was Shah Rukh Khan’s first film and Shahrukh Khan’s role in this film was not much. After this film, the stardom of Divya Bharti started skyrocketing. In the same year, Divya Bharti did another film with Shah Rukh Khan and the name of the film was Dil Aashna hai. This film did not do good business. This was followed by four films of Divya Bharti in 1992, the first film was Jaan Se Pyara in which she appeared with Govinda and her next film was the Geet and the Geet proved to be a super flop film. And speaking of the next film, in 1992, the dushman zamana was released In which Divya Bharti appeared with Armaan Kohli and the film was surrounded by problems as soon as it was released and false stories of Divya Bharti and Armaan Kohli’s affair began to unfold and Divya Bharti was angry. He said that Armaan Kohli is much older than me, how can I have an affair with him? I have no relation with him, however after this the person who spread the news came out and said that he did all this for publicity.

In 1992, Divya Bharti’s next film was with Sunil Shetty and the film was Sunil Shetty’s debut film and the film’s name was Balwaan and Sunil Shetty’s film proved to be a hit and in 1993, Divya Bharti’s first film Kshatriya came and In the film, Divya Bharti was seen as Sanjay Dutt’s girlfriend. Divya Bharti did not want to offend her Telugu audience, so she used to say that she would do a Telugu film every year and she did.

 Divya Bharti’s Personal Life


On the set of Sholay and Shabnam film, Divya Bharti met director Sajid Nadiadwala and during this time both of them started dating each other and Sajid proposed Divya Bharti and Divya Bharti accepted his proposal. On 10 May 1992, Divya Bharti got married in a private ceremony at the house of Sajid Nadiadwala. After this marriage, Divya Bharti accepted Islam and Divya Bharti was renamed Sana Nadiadwala. The marriage was kept secret due to family troubles.

Some Unknown facts About Divya Bharti

  • She was about to reach top in bollywood, but shed died early.
  • She died on 5 April 1993 after falling from a five-story building.
  • On 4 April 1993, Divya Bharti returned to Mumbai after shooting from Madras and on 5 April she had to go out of Mumbai for outdoor shooting but she postponed the shooting of 5 April and she did it for her parents, on 5 April she Bought a 4 BHK flat in Neptune apartment and that day she reached Sajid Nadiadwala’s house but Sajid Nadiadwala left the house due to some work and on this day Divya Bharti had drunk too much and  was sitting on the balcony and during this time she fell from the five-storey building and died while undergoing treatment at Kooper Hospital.
  • She was cremated on 7 april 1993 at the vile parle crematorium in mumbai.

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